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Helpful Plumbing Tips in Berwyn, PA

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Eco-friendly plumbing products and fixtures have become increasingly popular. Upgrading your bathroom to include Eco-friendly products is a great way to save water, as well as, money. The amount of water that you're able to save with these efficient, and affordable products, is well worth the time and money you invest!
Toilet: According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, toilets are by far the main source of water consumption in a home - averaging 30% of all of the home's indoor water use. Also, they report that older toilets use as much as 6 gallons per flush!
Shower Head: Shower heads are one of the easiest and quickest eco-friendly fixes that can be done in the bathroom. High-Efficiency shower heads use on average 1.5 gallons of water per minute (or less) as opposed to normal shower heads, which use approximately 1 gallon more (2.5 gallons) per minute. The water wasted can quickly add up if you're taking a 10-15 minute shower.
Sink Faucet: Replacing sink faucets with low-flow or motion sensor faucets will help you reduce the amount of water wasted every time you use your sink. Think about how many times you use your sink each day, and the amount of times that the sink has water running while you're not using it (while you're using soap, brushing your teeth, washing your face, or just get distracted). Motion sensor faucets help reduce the amount of unnecessary, unused, water that flows out of your faucet by stopping and starting the water flow depending on when you are actually ready to use it. Also, low-flow faucets are more efficient and save water just like the water efficient shower heads, while working just as well. The EPA's WaterSense website has a lot of great information - to learn more, click here.
Water Heater: Switching to a Tankless Hot Water heater, instead of a traditional Hot Water Heater, will allow you to save energy. Tankless Hot Water Heaters use an average of 20% less energy.
If you're interested to know just how much money you'd save with some of these products, check out The Water Sense Water Budget Tool (partner of the US EPA) by clicking here.

Prevent Clogs

Tip #1: Keep Dog and Cat Hair Out of Drains and Pipes
  • If you're giving your pet a bath in the tub or sink, use a strainer over the drain. You may think your pup's hair isn't long enough to do any damage, but pets shed more than you may think during baths and you could easily end up with a clogged drain. Also, if you're giving your pet a quick trim - you're better off doing it on an old towel and throwing the hair in the trash or using a strainer. Even small clippings of hair can clog sink drains in no time.
  • Don't clean out your pet's comb in the sink or flush it down the toilet. Again, pet hair isn't good for your plumbing and can quickly lead to a clogged drains/pipes.
Tip #2: Cover Open Drains and Exposed Pipes
  • If you have a curious pup or a dog that loves to chew, you'll definitely want to make sure to cover exposed pipes. This will ensure that your pet stays safe, and your plumbing stays in one piece!
  • Open drains can also be problem for pets. Cover drains so that small animals don't accidentally get stuck/injured or cause damage to the plumbing by dropping items that will get stuck (toys, balls, etc.)
Tip #3: Clean Off Pet Blankets/Beds Before Washing
  • Make sure to brush off any extra hair before throwing your pet's items (blankets, beds, toys, etc.) in the washing machine. It can cause damage to the machines by getting stuck in the pipes and also end up all over the clothes you wash after.

Remodeling Mistakes

Whether you're building a new house or remodeling an old kitchen or bathroom, homeowners are understandably always looking for ways to stretch their budget and get the best value for their money.
It is becoming more common for homeowners to buy fixtures themselves, instead of having the contractors purchase the items, in an attempt to cut costs. The internet has provided homeowners with the resources to find lower priced supplies that rival the costs that contractors are able to buy the items for or discounted items that sometimes cost significantly less. This can be a great help in extending your budget in some areas, however, there are a few reasons why this 'wealth of knowledge' can cost homeowners significantly more money when dealing with plumbing fixtures.
We've run into many cases where homeowners have called us to install or repair an expensive plumbing fixture that they had purchased themselves and end up having to do far more work than expected due to wrong measurements (even though the item was supposed to fit) or damaged/poor quality fixtures. We're always happy to help our customers with these jobs but hate to see someone who needed, and tried, to save money end up with a bill that may put them in a tough financial situation. Here are some of the reasons that buying your own fixtures will end up costing you more.
Fixtures are Damaged - If we buy the fixtures for our customers and they arrive damaged, then it's our responsibility to replace them. If you order the fixtures and they arrive damaged, then it's your responsibility to work with the manufacturer and have them replaced.
Wrong Measurements - Even though you know the scope of your remodeling project, and may know the specific measurements for the fixtures that you need to buy - there is a very good chance that you could end up with an item that does not fit properly. This could end up being a costly problem because you (1) you may not be able to return the item (2) you've delayed the work and you may have time sensitive jobs being completed (3) additional time and labor costs to rework an area to fit the fixture that you've chosen.
Poor Quality - Buying discount or cheap fixtures online (or anywhere) presents several problems that will end up costing homeowners more than the amount they may have saved upfront. Cheap fixtures break, wear out, cause leaks, and end up needing more repairs (and quicker replacement) than quality fixtures. In some cases, you'll end up paying for the follow up repairs to the fixture plus consequential damages that a poor quality fixture may cause to your home.
Warranty - There are several manufacturers that offer warranties on their products, but a warranty on a fixture that a customer purchased doesn't come with all of the benefits of a fixture purchased by James J. Brooke Estate Plumbing & Heating. Even if you're one year warranty will cover the cost to replace a fixture that you purchased, you're still responsible for paying the labor costs for a plumber to come and do the replacement/repair. We can't speak for all plumbers, but we offer a warranty on our work that matches the product warranty - but only on items that we purchased for our customers. So, if you let us buy your fixture and we need to come back to replace it due to something that is covered by your warranty - than you are 100% covered and won't owe anything. This alone can save you a significant amount.
Regardless of all of the above reasons regarding why it's worth your while to allow the professionals to supply you with the items that you want installed - it makes absolutely no financial sense up front either. If you find something that you'd like us to install, but have found the item at a lower cost than what you believe the normal list price to be - than all you need to do is communicate that with us and we will determine if we're able to match the price. We always want our customers to be satisfied and enjoy every opportunity we have to provide quality service at a competitive rate!
Hopefully these tips will help you prevent drain clogs and plumbing damage caused by pet hair!
If you need a drain cleaning, give James J. Brooke Estate Plumbing & Heating a call at 610-644-0667 today!